Ancestors is a five–piece psychedelic doom metal ensemble from Los Angeles. Ancestors transmogrifies the epic nature of seventies psychedelic and progressive music into a form that also incorporates vintage, doom and drone metal.

The unique song construction used by Ancestors starts with an improvisational method that takes root from the eclectic zeniths of the members perception, and a vision for a structural framework that provides a sonic architecture of an omnipotent grand presence. Then, adding disparate transitions that show the insatiability of their songwriting, all of these spellbinding algorithms culminate in overwhelming pieces that transcend from motif to motif.

Justin Maranga, Nick Long and Brandon Pierce began a three–piece project in the summer of 2006, then shortly after added Englishman Chico Foley, who had met Brandon shortly after taking up what was at the time a temporary residence in Los Angeles. The band then finally found its final member, J Christopher Watkins, who majestically met the band's need for an organist.

Their debut LP, Neptune With Fire – a conceptual, two track record with a title track that tells of a metaphorical character and his cosmic, psychological ordeal through war, celebration, remorse and revelation – is to be released February 2008 on new boutique label North Atlantic Sound (formed by Tony Presedo of Tee Pee Records, and Dave Sweetapple of Wabana Records). Artwork for the record was delivered by psychedelic visionary Arik Roper, the artist behind such record covers as Sleep's Dopesmoker, and the upcoming new Earth LP: The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull. Artwork on the vinyl release will be presented with gatefold packaging.

Combining the embrace of the grand storytelling featured in conceptual space and psychedelic rock songwriting, the soul of hard rock and vintage metal, and the transmundane ethic of epic, Ancestors induces catastrophic experiences in the listener.