AVU is a crossover five–piece crew that takes its life and love very seriously — showing the world that passionate music made by passionate people triumphs always. The band is Jake Scherer, Dan Garland, Kenny Fritze, Ryan Guanzon and Matt Brady.

AVU’s full length debut album Sleeping Tigers was engineered and produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Hodge and was released November 6th, 2007. The songs are ripe with momentum while remaining honest, expressive, and dynamic. Currently working towards the anticipated release of their ep It’s A War, the band is taking the opportunity to catalogue their last year together — “We’ve gone through changes as people and as a band since we wrote the last record a year ago, and it has been a validating experience to know that through it all we can remain strong in our conviction–that playing music is what we were born to do. I think the listener is going to hear a new maturity in this record, I couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it.” –– Jake Scherer

The band has shared the stage with bands like The Flaming Lips (Monolith Festival @ Red Rocks), The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Second Hand Serenade, Greely Estates, and Secret Lives of the Free Masons, among many others. Additionally, the band just completed a September tour of the Middle East, headlining shows for the armed service men and women. Along with these accomplishments, the band has music licensing deals with MTV, is a proud SESAC affiliate, and was recently featured in AP Magazine’s 8 Top Unsigned Bands section.

The average music fan these days gets bombarded with bullshit from labels, ad exec’s, editors, and even some bands themselves. All of these entities claim they know the intimate about their ‘target audience’, but we all know they don’t. So… we’ll tell you what we think and let you choose for yourself. We believe that sincerity is impossible to fake. We believe that although we may be dealt setbacks and hardship, we will persevere against all odds. We believe that although it can be a daily struggle, we can fulfill all of our desires through a dedication to communicating freely and honestly with one another. This music is our testament, in the name of the best within us.