With an unorthodox approach to being a native Floridian, songwriter Derill Lee, taking a cue from transplanted northerners who endlessly flock to the sunshine state, emigrated to Pennsylvania, where the twenty–four–year–old would meet up with friends John Murphy (Drums) and Dan Hendricks (Lead Guitar) in the pursuit of a musical endeavor branded Barlights. After taking demos that documented the groups progress in early 2007, the lineup was solidified with the introduction of Mike Brelling on bass. An earnest blend of old–time rock'n roll, a southern attitude that tips its hat to the Outlaws, and the grit of modern day punk positions this quartet somewhere along the lines of Ryan Adams, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, and Social Distortion. Although spawned from the northeastern birthplace of American Democracy, Philadelphia, the band maintains a southern feel that sounds as it were a well–crafted hodgepodge of New Orleans' blues, Nashville's country, and Gainesville's punk. There's more to the inner workings of Barlights than simply just four musicians. Solidarity between the four had them questioning if they were simply recording songs or instead having the best time of their lives, while in the studio. "We would hang out on a balcony that overlooked train tracks and throw empty bottles, smashing them against moving trains" explains a laughing John Murphy, "I'd say we went through two cases a night."