Born Without Bones
If you head over to Born Without Bones' Facebook or Tumblr profiles looking for more information about the band, you aren't going to get a lot of help from their 10–word bio: "Born Without Bones is a rock band from Milford, MA." It might seem intentionally vague, but those who are familiar with Born Without Bones' 2010 debut Say Hello should be well aware that their concise bio is in line with their succinct, on–point music.
And really, those ten words say quite a bit when you consider that in 2010 Born Without Bones wasn't much of a band at all. What started as the solo project of guitarist/vocalist Scott Ayotte has evolved into a full band with a new record, Baby, which made it's debut in the summer of 2013. The group's sophomore effort – which introduces Jonathan Brucato on guitar and Jim Creighton on bass – was recorded with J Robbins (Jawbreaker, Against Me!, mewithoutYou, Dismemberment Plan) at Magpie Cage in Baltimore, MD.
While Brucato and Creighton have toured with the band for the last two years, Baby marks the first time that these three have stepped into the studio together. Their experience playing together is evident on the album, which has a raw, more dynamic, and most of all, more grown–up sound than what listeners heard on Say Hello. The versatile songwriting that made their debut so much fun to listen to is still there. With Baby, listeners should expect more carefully composed songs and weightier lyrical themes.