Vancouver's By A Thread have tightly knit a new sound, drawing their influences from Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate, hometown favorites Sparkmarker, and their own hardcore roots. Formed in 1996 by former members of Strain, By A Thread weave complex melodies with poetic lyrics that speak to the muse in each of us. Each song reveals the depth of emotion in singer/ lyricist John Franco's thoughts and actions, "My lyrics come from life experiences. I try to remain true to the feelings of the moment rather than distort them to appease other people."

Keeping their hardcore backgrounds alive, By A Thread's members come with a message. "I also write about what's bothering me, like the way people have no respect for each other and the way our traditions hold us back from prospering as a society. We seem to be so afraid of thinking for ourselves that we have to follow our ancestors so precisely. We all seem to have our lives written out for us even before we are born and that makes me feel so claustrophobic. There has to be a different way to live our lives without all the ego and tensions between us all."