Jeff Buckley was once pitched to a Columbia Records A&R man as a "Heritage Artist" in the same vein as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. It is in their shadow that Carol Bui emerges as perhaps the most singular and distinct voice of the Washington, DC music scene. Her self–released debut, This is How I Recover, fused lyrical guitar lines with poetic phrasing and revels in its ability to dish finely crafted narratives within a framework of heavy friction post–punk rock.

Carol's second full–length, Everyone Wore White, is the product of a collaboration between Carol and Aloha's TJ Lipple, who is prominently featured on drums. It's smarter, bolder, and more confrontational than anything you've heard in recent years, colored with scratchy strings, agitated guitars, and a cathartic voice that tells of displaced spirituality and psychosis. Yet melody is never sacrificed; it is a tight union of beauty and terror.

Everyone Wore White also features guest appearances by Chad Clark (Beauty Pill, Dischord Records) and Daniel Hart (St. Vincent, The Physics of Meaning, ex–Polyphonic Spree). The release is set for October 2, 2007 via 54º 40' or Fight! Records (The Life and Times, 31 Knots).