Out of the remains of Life Giving Waters and Buried At Last, a melodic punk rock band from Helsinki, Finland started taking shape in early 2009. Calling themselves Cigarette Crossfire (after deciding against the name Sue Ellen), the style of music and lineup was very turbulant at first... They started finding their stride in early 2010 with Henkka (ex–Stranded, Endstand etc.) behind the drums and then wrote some songs. But the looming and seemingly impossible to fill frontman position made them want to throw in the towel by summer of 2010. Yet, with one lucky shot that August, they called an old acquaintance Jere (A Mothers Grief etc.) to give it a go on vocals and within the first two songs they knew that the long hard search was over! With the finished product sounding something like Manifesto Jukebox if they were on No Idea Records. Onto their first gig that October and to the studio soon after to record their first four songs. One of which went to a split 7" with Shatterhand from Scotland (who were also big fans of Life Giving Waters) as their debut release on Unsane Asylum!"