Covered in Bees all started when Boo (on the mic) asked Doug (playing guitar) to help him write a no–bullshit, hardcore demo. Boo had written a notebook full of lyrics, but wanted to write some music before he put a band together. Boo had seen Doug's band play a couple of times, and he just knew that this guy could write punk–rock songs in his sleep. So, when Boo asked Doug if he wanted to write some songs, much to Boo's surprise – Doug did.

And that's where Covered in Bees would have ended – if it weren't for Boo and Doug's mutual friend, Tristan. Tristan (on drums) shared a practice space with Doug and played in Boo's last band, and had expressed interest in playing some fast punk–rock. It was around that point in time that Covered in Bees stopped being a demo project and became something more. Boo, Doug, and Tristen were no longer writing songs for a kick–ass future band – they were already that badass band. Boo says "these were not the songs I had originally heard in my head, they were way better, so much better. But it wasn't until Doug's brother, Ed (playing bass), joined the band that we really became Covered in Bees."