We're a band that people sometimes associate with the hardcore genre.

We're from Washington, DC.

In the summer of 2006, we completed our first full–length, 'Move the Mountains.' In 2007, we began recording our 2nd album, 'I Am Love,' which we finished in 2008. We've also finished tracking a 3rd record, 'Flicker and Descend,' which we should have ready by March of 2009. In April, we plan on beginning our 4th record, 'Umbral.' Nothing we've recorded is available as a formal release yet, with the following exception:

100 copies of 'Move the Mountains' in DIY packaging are available in Germany from Danzbar, which is run by Fabi. They're cheap (2 Euros). Ask him about buying one. You can also ask him about an 'I Am Love' release, which may or may not be something he's planning at this point.