In the heart of the live music capital of the world, six friends came together to form a band that would make a lasting impression not only in music, but also in people’s lives. After dealing with several obstacles for over two years, the band persevered to produce their most honest, personal songs to date. Their new album, Chase the White Whale, is a reflection of the struggle and sacrifice it took, but also the underlying sense of hope that was never lost.

Driver F has been described as controlled chaos in rhythm. Over the past few years they have perfected their high energy live show and matured as song writers. The work has resulted in a number of accomplishments including selling out of their first EP, gaining regular radio play in Houston, Austin, and on satellite radio Rock 300, packing venues to full capacity and headlining local musical festivals across the region. After teaming up with producer Jim Vollentine (Spoon, …Trail of Dead, The Anniversary), Driver F spent most of 2007 writing and recording their debut full length album. The band looks forward to 2008 as a year to get their music to every ear possible. They will be embark on a national tour this summer in support of the new album. Put your headphones on, go to the show, listen to the music and you will understand. Let the music speak for itself.