The raucous and raging Bologna, Italy based band bare their teeth like never before on this new offering, leading off with first single, "Way Out" and standout tracks "Whatever" and "Beneath Her Feet".

The critically acclaimed outfit incorporates a variety of influences into Bow Wow's bite. Adding flourishes of electric piano and organ, FORTY WINKS' creative palette expanded during the album's late 2010 writing and recording sessions. However, the immense attitude that captivated critics and fans alike remains intact as the band nods to everyone from Elvis Costello and David Bowie to Helmet, noise rock, hip hop and electronic music. "We didn't have a time limit with this album as we've had with our two previous efforts," explains lead vocalist and guitarist Sandro Amabili. "We've grown over the past decade since our debut album, which is evident on the new album. It was a very natural and spontaneous recording process."

FORTY WINKS burst onto the scene with 2001's To The Lonely Hearts, which garnered praise from tastemakers like Alternative Press and sparked a two–year touring marathon that brought the band around Europe, the United States of America, and Japan. Over the years, they've become a cult live act sharing stages with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Presidents of the United States and many more.

"We've stopped worrying about fitting into a specific genre or sounding a certain way," Amabili continues. "Bow Wow is an album you can blast really loud at a party or quietly within your earphones, enjoying the deeper underlining hidden sounds throughout the album."

FORTY WINKS is Sandro Amabili (vocals, guitar), Andrea Cristallini (guitar, vocals), Roberto Muzzioli (bass, vocals), and Francesco Salomone (drums).