Following the demise of Absinthe Blind, Erin Fein and Brett Sanderson formed the short–lived guitarless band Orphans, which provided Fein a developmental first outlet as principle songwriter. Soon, Tristan Wraight returned to Champaign from a stint on the road as touring guitarist for Maserati and joined the band, invoking a startling change as he and Fein began a prolific period of songwriting together. The band changed completely, and in the thaw of the Illinois spring of 2004, Headlights was born in a farmhouse just north of Champaign.

The band quickly put together a set of songs and The Enemies EP was recorded at the band's farmhouse studio in a flourish. The EP was released to critical acclaim as a limited edition mailorder and tour–only EP. The first pressing sold out in a matter of a few short months. Headlights went on to share the stage with The Delgados, Mates of State, Magnolia Electric Co., The Appleseed Cast, Headphones, Mono, Earlimart, to name a few.