Hailing from the notoriously riot free, bland Mormon land of Salt Lake City, HER CANDANE emerges armed from a location far too small for an annihilation of this velocity. Self proclaimed as “The thinkin’ man’s drinkin’ band”, these boys will outshine, out–write, and out–drink any band so unfortunate as to step into their blatantly heavy, fantastically catchy, rock–n–roll influenced shadow. Combining a majestically doctrined lyric pattern featuring tales of swank, sleaze and betrayal all elegantly woven into a brilliant rhythmically driven opus entitled, No Battle! While HER CANDANE has gleamed on stages with bands so diverse and noteworthy as ATREYU, AS I LAY DYING, EMERY, UNEARTH, BELOVED, FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES, FIGHT PARIS, ZAO and CHIODOS, it is formidably apparent that this band is here to stay given the unrelenting stranglehold they have already cast over many a fan and friend. So get your dancing shoes out, kids, and get your girl (although you may not be going home with her) because HER CANDANE is about to show you the best time of your life in true rock fashion! No Battle! is loud music for loud parties!