HIRO is a band born in September 2006 in Besançon (East of France) composed of 4 members, Xav on vocals (also really first singer of Gantz), Mike on bass (ex–Gantz), Joss on guitar (ex–Gantz) and Ced on Drums. No description of our music here, just listen to your own. The band is based on solid relation ship, we are friends before being a band. We don't care about being famous, we're punk rockers and strongly believe the punk hardcore scène is an alternative to the music business ! Since June 2007, We still play 15 shows in France, Germany Luxembourg and Swissland with bands like Dominic, Heaven in Her Arms, Daïtro, Aussitôt Mort, Brume Rétina, Interlude, Ultra Dolphins, Mr Willis of Ohio, Snoras, Cease upon the capitol, Ampools, Farewell, June Paik and many more.