Huevos Rancheros
Calgary, Alberta based three piece Huevos Rancheros were active in the 90s, playing speedy instrumental garage rock with surf and rockabilly influences. The band was comprised of guitarist Brent Cooper, bassist Graham Evans and drummer Richie Ranchero. The band released a 6 song cassette in 1990, catching the ear of Estrus principle Dave Crider who worked with the band for a debut on Seattle's C/Z. The band released the bulk of their material on Vancouver's Mint Records, garnering a "Best Independent Video" award from MuchMusic for the "Rockin' in the Henhouse" video from 1995's Dig In. The band followed with Get Outta Dodge in `96 and Muerte Del Toro in 2000. The band called it quits soon after.

Rumor has it the Huevos Rancheros are active again, playing under the name "The Hidden Charms."