Ice Age [NY]
Ice Age may be a new band, but it's members have helped form some of Long Island's most well known and important hardcore/punk outfits. With only a 4–song demo under their belts, the drive of current and former members of This Is Hell and The Backup Plan has given birth to a new band with a level of experience on par with even the most seasoned scene veterans.

Vocalist and founding member Jeff Tiu comments: "The best thing about this band is that we do whatever we want. With other bands I’ve been in there was always a goal in terms of touring a certain amount, attaining a certain level of success and so on. Everyone in Ice Age has either a full time band or a career which leaves us in the unique position – it’s actually quite a luxury. No one likes us when we play– So what, we had fun. No one buys our merch– Who cares, I had fun designing it. We’re not lighting up the message boards– Big deal. We’re doing this because we love it and anything beyond that is just gravy."

The debut album "Dead Kings" promises a varied approach to the hardcore/metal genre, drawing comparisons to a wide range of artists from hardcore legend's Sick Of It All, to genre–crossing hybrids like Unbroken. Equal parts metallic and melodic, expect no limitations as "Dead Kings" strives to be anything but ordinary – "The Gemini Lounge" is a 48 second hardcore onslaught, and then two tracks later you'll find "Bird of Prey", a heavily rock–influenced banger.

Think Fast! co–owner Ryan O'Connor comments on the signing: "Jeff and I first met in 2005 when our bands bumped into each other on the road. We've remained friends ever since, and I've always been impressed with Jeff's musical talent. It was an easy decision to sign Ice Age and their debut album blew me away."

Jeff adds: "I had actually spoken with Ryan about putting out the record about a year ago, but we were in two different places at the time so we went ahead and recorded the album and found a local label to put it out. Just as we were about to go to mastering that label ran into to some financial trouble and things kind of fell apart. About a week later Ryan happened to call me about some printing stuff and we ended up talking about doing the record with Think Fast!. It was pretty serendipitous, but we really couldn’t be happier. It’s been extremely easy to work with those guys and I’d be hard pressed to think of a more solid hardcore label."

"Dead Kings" is scheduled for release later in the Summer, with the official street date being announced in the coming weeks. The album will be released on LP and digital formats, with no plans for a CD version. A digital download coupon will be included with the vinyl version. You can stream the title track on Ice Age's official MySpace, Think Fast! Records official MySpace, and the Think Fast! Radio.