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Intro5pect started in the winter 97/98. Punk rock had been (and still is) painted into a corner. What was once meaningful, intelligent, and powerful music has been dumbed down so as to cater to the people that it originally rebeled against. Likewise, a lot of the other music that had once been underground and an alternative to the corporate music buisness was (and has been) becoming more and more commercialized.

Drum & Bass started showing up in shampoo ads. The Smiths and The Buzzcocks ended up being used in car ads–! Something is wrong when there is no value placed on music other than as a commercial tool.

Intro5pect was a result of a frustration with the way that music was going. Not only the way that the music industry was going, but with music itself. There is only so much bad music that you can listen to before you get sickened by it. By the lack of originality, the lack of sincerity, the lack of concern, and worst of all, the lack of intelligence. The idea behind Intro5pect was simple, not be any of the things that we hated. We wanted to take the philosophy that punk was founded on and take it to it's end, to create music that put honesty, feeling, and energy above all else, with no regard for social cliches, no regard for commercialism, and no bullshit. Whatever expresses the idea the best gets used.

Samples, guitars, breakbeats, synth all have their place. With the idea of what we wanted to do in place, we set about doing it (which is an entirely different thing, as we found out).

Most of 98 was spent working on writing and recording and resulted in a 4 song demo tape that was passed around to friends and handed out at shows.

One of the freinds who ended up with a tape was Shahab Zargari. Shahab had been doing his own Zine known as "The Chaos zine" for a while and was active in setting up and helping out lots of peacepunk influenced activitys (food not bombs, feminist groups, and all around good stuff). As luck would have it, Shahab was looking to start a record label and shared many of the same ideas as Intro5pect. It took quite a while, but 99 saw the first ever release for both Intro5pect and the newly founded Geykido Comet Records with Intro5pect's "Education" 7".

Summer 2002 and another chapter in the Intro5pect Saga. We signed to A–F Records and recorded what will soon be our first full length album. Scheduled for release in February of 2003 the as of yet untitled album will hopefully put some of the ideas and philosophies behind Intro5pect into a position where they can be felt by a wider audience.