Iron Cross is a hardcore/Oi! band from Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C..

They play a rough form of streetpunk, and is the first band in the United States to adopt the skinhead look and the Oi! musical style. The band had close ties to the Washington, DC hardcore punk subculture, due to its relationship with other hardcore bands, with Ian Mackaye, and with Dischord Records. Singer Sab Grey was one of the many roommates in the Dischord House in Arlington, VA. The band's name – and the skinhead image of most of its members – led to accusations of fascism, which Grey has always denied. Grey stated in the original Iron Cross press kit in 1982, "...oh, and we're not Nazis!"

The band's material has been covered by a range of bands including Agnostic Front, The Business, Subculture Squad, 25 ta Life and the Dropkick Murphys.