Full of piss–n–PBR (not that there is a big distinction between the two) Jetsex took over where Ziptye left off. Despite pounding loads of beer earlier in the evening, these frenchies delivered some speedy, old–school punk laced with rock–n–roll riffs, that inspired a crowd revolution of destruction. Lead man, Miko and guitarist, Patrice, let loose with quintessential punk rock animated antics and beer sprays. At one point, a slam dancers chucks couldnt negotiate the puddle of beer on the floor. After falling down, Miko descended upon the fallen soldier and started dry–humping him on the floor. (Its OK, hes French). This double–timing, five–piece set sounds a bit like early Rancid – but with a sound theyve developed into their own which is a far cry from the formula kiddy–crap youll hear in those bad–guys–chasing–skaters Disney movie scenes that some sell out to. Mon Dieu! During Claudio Chiapucci, the place went nuts. I spied an orange Fischer–Price childs skateboard on the ground– It was later skated by and subsequently destroyed into little bits of plastic by band and crowd. Though the guitars and vocals could have afforded to be turned up a few notches, demolition continued with some blistering riffs by Patrice. My friend, Mike, stood next to me on a bench shaking his head and uttered, Dude, this is intense! Miko was seen wrapping his mic chord around one of the ladies in the crowd, then later picked up and carried another girl, depositing her into Mikes arms, like he just rescued her from a shark tank. During the last song, Patrice was soloing from different vantage points when some guy sitting in front of me, wearing a baseball hat and fur–lined parka took over the axe and finished out the set. Much like storming the Bastille, one might ask in the midst of this punk rock onslaught at the Comet, Is this a revolt– My response would be No, sire, it is a revolution.