Joie de Vivre
Joie De Vivre formed as a sincere ode to past musical loves. Summer Months, released on Michigan’s Count Your Lucky Stars label, is the band’s powerful debut. This is the sound of a band quickly finding their own voice through the spirit of their influences. No doubt Joie De Vivre could have existed 10–12 years ago snuggled nice and tight between your Christie Front Drive and Mineral records. Joie De Vivre takes a well–worn indie/emo sound and makes it sound spontaneous and meaningful all over again. Summer Months might induce nostalgia at first but after several listens the realization that no matter the year, Joie De Vivre deserve to be heard. The songs of Summer Months are just too strong to deny. This is passionate, discordant emo with a straight face and a noticeable indie rock influence. Emotionally raw, sincere and just a little bit left of the dial, Joie De Vivre are anything but typical sounding. Had the band been around during the heights of the emo era, no doubt they would have been one of the brightest stars in the genre. Instead Joie De Vivre carries the torch for bands yet to come.