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Jughead's Revenge (or Jugg's Revenge) is a now defunct American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in early 1989 and played their first show in November of that year. The original line–up consisted of Joe Rimicci (guitar), George Snow (guitar), Brian Priess (bass), and Joe Doherty (vocals), Nenus Givargus (Drums). The line up remained the same through the bands first tour with NOFX and a tour in Europe. the original line up recorded the bands first 45 and first two CDs. after Nenus and George left The band Jughead's went through many line–up changes, Doherty, Rimicci and Priess had remained permanent members.

The band's first two albums, Unstuck in Time (1990) and It's Lonely at the Bottom (1992), were released independently along with there first 7 inch Out of Beer, Out of tune and out of control(1989). Then, the band signed a deal with BYO and two albums with this label, Elimination (1994) and 13 Kiddie Favorites (1995), all featuring the same pure punk sound, unsullied by the glam rock that was all the rage in L.A. at the time. BYO also released It's Lonely at the Bottom/Unstuck in Time, a repackaging of their first two albums. Jughead's Revenge parted ways with BYO and signed with Dexter Holland (from The Offspring)'s Nitro Records, then released three more albums with this label, Image Is Everything (1996), Just Joined (1998) and Pearly Gates (1999), before (officially) splitting up in April 2001. The breakup was also brought along due to a lawsuit file by Archie Comics over the use of Jughead in their band name.

Currently, members of the most successful line–up of Jughead's Revenge, Rimicci, Preiss and Thornton, are back together under the name Kill Detail