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Justin Sane is the a co—founding member of the punk band Anti—Flag. An advocate for peace, justice and equality, Justin Sane has worked with lawmakers, activists and artists in the United States and beyond for progressive change. He is a founding member of the non—profit Military Free Zone, and he has worked with Amnesty International, Green Peace, The African Well Fund, Peta, Emmaus, and countless other organizations.

Justin Sane, a naturalized citizen of both Ireland and The United States, grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a large Irish family in which he was the youngest of nine. In his youth live traditional Irish music and political discourse were front and center nearly every night at his family’s home. Influenced by his family and growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a gritty steel town steeped in labor history, it comes as no surprise that Justin went on to marry music and politics together in the form of a passionate punk rock band.

Justin cut his musical teeth in his small hometown punk scene and later on the international rock circuit. His musical influences are diverse and reach far beyond punk rock, including everything from Hot Water Music, Social distortion, and the Clash to James Brown, David Bowie, Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday. On top of fronting Anti—Flag, Justin records and performs solo stating, “My solo project is not meant to be or replace Anti—Flag. But as I see it Anti—Flag is a band that does something very specific musically and lyrically. What Anti—Flag does is obviously important to me however, I write other kinds of songs too. Many of which don't quite fit the Anti—Flag style. So while my solo songs are sometimes anti—war anthems, etc, you'll also find me writing about love, friendships, cats, drinking on the streets, reading "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook" and just about anything. I could do this with Anti—Flag, but when we started it was not our goal to play such songs.”


Justin Sane

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag)