LAST TARGET was formed by Ryoko in Tokyo in 2002. She was the singer and guitar player of Japanese girl punk legends THUG MURDER who toured the USA and EU with the DROPKICK MURPHYS in 2001. They have booked tours for/toured Japan with THE REDUCERS SF, THE FORGOTTEN, and THE BOILS as well as playing countless shows of their own. They have also toured the US twice and played with the likes of THE BOILS, DROPKICK MURPHYS, THE UNSEEN, THE CASUALTIES and THE DISASTERS. With a handfull of Japanese only releases under their belts, they have also released a 7"ep on TKO Records from California and a 10 song split cd with Philadelphia punks THE BOILS on Interference Records. Their first album "ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" has just been released in Japan on their own label Luck Records and is distributed by Benten Label.