It’s the middle of February 2008 and a crowd of friends has gathered up in a rather small practice area in the city of Kumla to watch the first ever performance of Swedish hardcore–punk act Let Me Out, not more than six months before had the band start to practice on a regular basis. After this, their first show, things happened faster than anyone could have anticipated.

The band play their first “real” show in a bar in Västerås not more than a week after, and heads in the studio to record their first demo the week after that. More shows follows and only a month had passed when Japanese record label Akashic Records contacts the band eager to release the demo as a split release. Let Me Out suggests their good friends in hardcore act First Cut and the split is released in May.

Only weeks following the release, in June, the band heads out on a 15 date long European tour taking them thru Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, England and Belgium. Sadly, the van carrying the band broke down and the tour was cut short, but good news awaited the band back home, where the band signed with labels Dead Vibrations Industry (Swe) and Warbird Entertainment (US) as well as an arrangement being set up with Onward Agency to book future European tours.