Like Bats
Like Bats are a gritty punk pop band from Northwest Indiana in the vein of Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, and Dear Landlord. To date, the band has released a 7–inch EP, (“Look on the Bright Side”), a s/t CDEP, a split cassette with Young Devilry, and were featured on Traffic Street Records’ “Dangerous Intersections IV” 7–inch (alongside Barrakuda McMurder, Rumspringer, and The Strait A's). In 2009, Like Bats went on three short east coast/midwest tours, the last of which carried into January 2010. Their next release will be a split 7” with Buffalo, NY's Unwelcome Guests. Aside from their regular shows in and around Chicago and Like Bats, you can catch Like Bats at this year's second annual Windy City Sound Clash.