With only two members, Gainesville’s Liquid Limbs is one of the loudest experimental bands to play catchy, hook–laden heaviness that you’ll ever hear. They somehow manage to make strange tunings, abrupt changes and unbelievably thick guitars sound as catchy as a radio–friendly pop song. The music is really anything but traditional. Kevin Nowak (guitar/vocals), who alternates between a standard and baritone guitar, makes his axe do things that, quite frankly, just seem unnatural, from the heaviest churning chords to floating and melodic leads. Chase Permann (drums) matches every note effortlessly with pounding and dynamic beats.

Together on their debut full–length, Orquid, they are loud, heavy and captivating. The same holds true for their ear shattering live show; never boring, sometimes life–changing. Many two–piece, guitar–and–drums bands today try to get back to the simplistic roots of rock and roll, but Liquid Limbs constantly rearrange and challenge traditional song structures.