LYMBYC SYSTYM is an instrumental duo comprised of brothers Mike and Jared Bell. Hailing from Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, NY respectively, the pair began tinkering back in 2001, laboriously experimenting and completely hellbent on establishing some– thing fresh and unique from deep beneath the indie canopy. As expected, such a feat was not something to be accomplished overnight. In a musical universe where the proving grounds had been long–trampled down by countless innovators and taste– makers many times over, it would take something truly special to rise to such an occasion.

And so the brothers persisted, eventually finding their musical voice and refining their palettes with each passing day. By 2005, they were ready to send an offering out into the world, a 5–song statement of purpose titled “Carved By Glaciers.” A self–re– leased endeavor, “Carved...” immediately established the brothers Bell as a pair to watch intently in years to come. Immedi– ately embraced by the forbearers of their genre, LYMBYC SYSTYM quickly rose from practice space to tour bus territory, both supporting (and occasionally backing) acts such as THE ALBUM LEAF, THE ONE AM RADIO, AMERICAN ANALOG SET, MICE PARADE, HER SPACE HOLIDAY, and countless others in phase two of their ascent: relentless live shows anytime, anywhere.

Amidst the flurry of activity and interest over LYMBYC SYSTYM spilling in from all corners of the globe, “Carved By Glaciers” somehow managed to slip out of print and unattended to as the brothers Bell clocked innumerable miles on the odometer, chasing down show after show across North America and Japan. Finally, in 2008, like–minded paths crossed with Virginia’s own Magic Bullet Records and plans were hatched to reissue this stunning debut for the first time ever in true retail format.