Murphy's Kids live to rock. Their goal is to bring everyone into the experience from the folks at the bar to the fans up front. The rhythm section of guitar, bass, and drums thumps out the backbone while the trombone and tenor sax lay their smooth runs on top. It's all complimented by John Charlet's socially–savvy lyrics and anthemic melodies, which push crowds into a frenzied heat. In the last ten years Murphy's Kids has played every reputable club in Richmond and have completed 5 full tours of the east coast and the southeast. They were a featured artist for two years running on the SouthernSka Tour hosted by They have also recorded and released four records/EP's that have been met with enthusiasm and sold accordingly. Recently, they released "Departures", their most concise and polished album yet. They have headlined and supported at an array of venues. Club owners and promoters up and down the east coast continue to find how well MK works on bills with bands of regional and international fame such as Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, the Toasters, the Slackers, RX Bandits, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Mutemath,The Toasters, The Fray, Alien Ant Farm, Soldiers of Jah Army, Badfish, and the Pietasters.

Journalists and fans alike are left asking, "Is that reggae or rock–" Their approach is both precise and brutal. As a band who wants to rock hard and groove even harder, they make their musical mark by becoming a hybrid of fast, catchy rock and deep, groovy reggae rhythms. You will find everything in their CD players from old school reggae like Burning Spear and Bob Marley to new school progressive rock like the Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria. With all the conjecture about what their sound is and what they are trying to do musically, the bottom line is Murphy's Kids brings it 100% every night. Their paramount goal is for everyone to go home sweaty, exhausted and grinning from ear to e