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Nachtmystium is an American psychedelic black metal band formed by Blake Judd, formerly known as Azentrius, and Pat McCormick. The band's name is derived from the German word Nacht meaning "night", and the made–up term mystium which resembles the Latin adjective mysticum. Judd and McCormick combined the words to create the band's name, which they state means "Encompassing Darkness."

Nachtmystium was originally founded by Blake Judd and Pat McCormick as a side project. The band was heavily influenced by second–wave black metal bands, such as Darkthrone and Burzum, evidenced in their low–fi first release Reign of the Malicious in 2002. The band’s next release, Demise (2004), was described by Judd as Nachtmystium’s “last straight forward ‘raw black metal’ record.” The band’s following two releases, Eulogy IV (2004) and Instinct: Decay (2006), incorporated psychedelic and experimental musical elements that were pioneered by bands like Black Sabbath, The Doors and Pink Floyd. Instinct: Decay received general positive feedback from critics. DEAF SPARROW Zine, praised the album for its innovation, while Decibel Magazine went even further to name Instinct: Decay as the fourth best album of 2006.