No Brass is a self titled “Grust–Core” punk rock band, straight out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The band consist of four friends that decided to play music they wanted to hear in mid 2006. Pulling influence from acts such as Jawbreaker, the Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four and Leatherface, No Brass consists of Tyler Walker (vox/guitars), Randall Guison (guitar), Casey Starr (bass), and Max Korman (drums). Besides playing numerous local shows, and competing In battle of the bands competitions, No Brass has been fortunate enough to share the stage with acts such as: None More Black, No Trigger, And Then I Turned Seven, The American Sex Machine, Suburban Legends, This Years Anthem, Murphys Law, West Bound Train, Streetlight Manifesto, and others. Recently No Brass entered the studio and recorded their first demo, and this summer they hope to do a small east coast tour to spread the grust.