REFUSE RESIST was born in a garage just north of Boston with a goal to create music that they would want to listen to and sing along to. After two years of non–stop writing and playing shows with some of their main influences, they are doing just that. Inspired mainly by the straight–forward, in–your–face music that used to be called hardcore punk in the decade of the 1980's, REFUSE RESIST brings back that familiar sound with current lyrics and some new hooks.

There was a time when music was life, and life was music. A time when people communicated with each other face to face. Whether it was a club or a basement, music was easy to find and a lot of kids were into it. REFUSE RESIST was formed to try to bring those ideals back into the present through good straight up hardcore/punk. A blend of all sides of punk and hardcore create the unique sound from this Boston band. So, come on all of you into punk rock, hardcore and Oi. REFUSE RESIST!!!!