It's not just a matter of race anymore. It's black, white, brown, homophobic, sexist and class war. You can be gunned down on your street or even at your own door...Nothing is sacred. No one is safe anymore from politics of greed and hate. Righteous rage turns dark and makes you think it's too late... but don't even believe anything the media tells you. Anyone can be racist/sexist or homophobic. Hate comes in all sizes/shapes/colors and creeds. Don't borrow from elitist power games, use words that hurt/actions that one's immune, we all feel the pain, no matter who we are... But we can still all get along by respecting each others cultures, by rejecting labels and stop judging people by their skin color. We must change this fascist system! Education and communication are our alternatives. Start supporting one another, work with other cultures, hold hands and rejoice for our dream. A dream for a better tomorrow. No matter what race, sex or class you are, no one has the right to oppress you!