Rifu is a HC/punk band from Trondheim, Norway. The four members of the group plays a very special style of hardcore, with influences from the 90's new–school hardcore, but also melodic punk and older rock.

Two of the Rifu members (Øyvind and Ola) have been playing together for about twelve years, and have done loads of gigs in the Trondheim area together with the former bass–player Marius Waatsveen. Stian (drummer of Jimbo Jones) replaced Eskild Næss (now playing in Desperado) as guitarist in 2004, and Erlend have played in the punk–band Cheeky. And just recently STian had to leave us for his band Jimbo Jones and we are proud to now have Bent Inge "Bals" Borgund (also playing in STUK, Gerd Berg and Pekka Volt) with us on the guitar. Before Erlend made his entrance in 2002, Thomas Ryjord (vocalist in Desperado) played the guitar for a couple of years.

The last years have contained eight very good tours in middle Europe (mostly Germany) and quite a few concerts in Trondheim.

Singer and guitarist Øyvind Sarheim writes virtually all the lyrics. We are hoping to be something that either helps people keep up hope, keep up the joy in life, or make them want to struggle for a world where we all take the decicions. It's a crazy world we live in, and one of the painkillers may be the Revolution rock... The band writes all the musical material.

We believe that accomplishment for us and our fellow humans not only lies in the music & words, but through the decisions we make as musicians & artists, not compromising our integrity or our opinions. Creating awareness on how the major–labels & the music industry works not on the artists premisses. We believe that to make changes we have to start with ourselves and our surroundings and always seek to develop ourselves and practice what we preach.. Through participating in the making of counterculture, and through making & spreading counter–cultural values we believe we can make a difference, and that hopefully the network of DIY people and others with a heart together can spread other values than selfishness, greed, inhumanity and plastic–reality and really be a treath to this absurd world At the end of 2000 we released our debut full–length album containing 15 tracks, on D'sign Records.

In 2003 we released "Dead End Street" on Twisted Chords. In 2004 we signed a deal with GoKart Records, and are now gonna re–release "Dead End Street" in the US. In march '05, we released "the Bombsessions", a five track EP, and toured Germany and Austria. Our new full–length called "Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom", has been released in January '06 in Europe. And in august it was released in the US.

Listen up to the ryhmes of Revolution, and the rythms made of suppression. Let's all dance the dance; the slavery dance, we've got everything to win, and nothing to loose.