The fabled story of Secret Lives of the Freemasons is set in the small town of Ashville, North Carolina. It was in Asheville that two existing, and promising bands first came into contact with one another. The indie–rock outfit A Kiss Before Dying, and the post–hardcore juggernaut Throwing Myself.met at a local show and fused together almost immediately after. The two bands dissolved in 2003, leaving the floodgates for the inevitable formation of Secret Lives wide open.

The ensuing project has been followed closely by the better part of the North Carolina music scene, as well as most of the up and coming labels currently operating on the fringes of the music industry. It is a hybrid between everything good that we’ve come to expect from the contemporary post–hardcore scene, and everything we hope and dream that the music will someday become. Secret Lives of the Freemasons are far enough ahead of their time to impress us, yet they tap into our existing preferences and extract the elements we love the most.