Two years after signing with Ferret Music, See You Next Tuesday are older and definitely not wiser, but are still pretty kickass. Comprised of four unassuming guys from suburban Michigan, See You Next Tuesday has made another move forward in their progression as a band, this time stepping in to record their new album, Intervals. Recording with Dan Kenny and Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios (This is Hell, Suffocation, etc.) in Long Island, NY and mastering the record with Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) Intervals sees the band expanding on elements of melody, aggression, and time that Parasite foreshadowed. Bassist Travis Martin remarked on the new record, "Intervals is the first album that the four of us have written together, since Fox joined the band only a couple of weeks prior to the recording of our first Ferret release Parasite. It is a more mature album and definitely darker sounding. The presentation of the album is also much more serious. The funny song titles are gone, the jokes are gone, it has a different feel to it." Wrapped up with artwork by Chad Lenjer at Discordant Art, Intervals will be unleashed on September 30th.

Accounting for this change is the band's thirst for new sounds while staying true to a metal mindset. Guitarist Drew Slavik relates "we aren't really a grind band, because we don't play what people perceive to be grind. Sure, we love to play fast, loud and noisey, but we really love experimenting too."for example I listened to a lot of screamo while writing the new record and though we aren't playing screamo, there's an emotional component that came through in the guitar playing on the new material." Other new trappings include Slavik using several new tunings on the album, one of which he picked up from touring partners Nights Like These that he did his own take on. Slavik says "Live it's been fine with the new tunings as I have three guitars in the arsenal to switch between. Our bassist now plays an octave and a fifth lower than me on all tunings, so unfortunate for him he has to re–tune of the fly." This shift even comes down to the recording as well, Slavik explains "Our last album sounded too clean to us, so when we were deciding on who to produce on this one, we were drawn to Full Force because listening to their recordings I thought, now these are guys who know how to make a guitar sound filthy. I also wanted to make sure Scott Hull did the mastering as I love his work." Completing the line up is vocalist, Fox, bassist Travis Martin and Andy Dalton on drums.

Forming four years ago in their hometown of Bay City, Michigan See You Next Tuesday was formed on impulse purely for fun. Slavik recalls "I originally was playing bass and just decided to pick up the guitar on a whim, our drummer is a guitar player and our original vocalist was given the job because he had cool facial hair." Writing a ridiculously over the top grind album in three weeks, the band self–released it and played locally for close to a year. Recounted by Slavik "We realized that we could write songs that didn't suck and people actually enjoyed what we did on a whim, so we thought, what could we do if we took this seriously–" Playing with relatively every notable band in heavy music in recent history, the band developed an especially strong bond with The Acacia Strain and Despised Icon. Ferret Music kept hearing the buzz about this band from different sources including Number 12's manager and came calling.

Over the past year, See You Next Tuesday has spent a lot of time on the road, including playing on the Ferret Young Guns Tour alongside label mates The Banner, Elysia, Knignts of the Abyss, and Siege of Amida Records' A Girl A Gun A Ghost. Prior to the Young Guns Tour, SYNT did tour duty with Beneath the Massacre, Born of Osiris and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. A week after putting the finishing touches on Intervals, See You Next Tuesday will travel to Europe and do a month long stint with Metal Blade Records' Trigger the Bloodshed.