SETOFF is a progressive punk group based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. They formed in early 2005, and have been recording and touring around the Western United States for almost two years.

Drummer Eric Kamm moved to San Francisco from Santa Cruz following the breakup of HIGHWIRE DAYS––a group that toured the United States supporting their Rise Records' release Hell From The Eyes Up, and was fronted by the ex–vocalist of Screw 32. Eric had joined HIGHWIRE DAYS after the breakup of BILLY DREAMER, a hard rock group that included members of LAGWAGON. In 2003, Eric moved to San Francisco and formed SELF WILL RUN RIOT––an AT THE DRIVE IN and AFI influenced band that fell apart when the lead vocalist/guitarist left to pursue other endeavors, eventually landing him in A WILHELM SCREAM.

At this point ex–DRIVING THE EFFECT front man Nino De La Rosa took over vocal duties, and the group changed their name to ROMANS GO HOME. Following the break–up of ROMANS GO HOME, Eric and Nino decided to return to their early EPIFAT roots and formed SETOFF. The two would eventually find guitarists Jeremy Korkki, his brother Jesse, and ex–KARAOKE OUTFIT front man Whitney Baron. After the Korkki brothers departed, Nino's ex–DTE bandmate (of 5 years) Matt Howell stepped in on bass, thus solidifying the group's current lineup.

Over the last two years SETOFF has toured the Southwest, opened for groups like THE LAWRENCE ARMS, LAGWAGON, LOVE EQUALS DEATH, and D.O.A., recorded 4 times with legendary punk producer Andy Ernst (GREEN DAY, AFI, SWINGIN' UTTERS), and is currently completing their second full length's worth of material.