Sky Eats Airplane is going to give the music scene a run for its money. The stir they started causing months ago was enough to catch the attention of labels and media across the country. Their current touring schedule is taking them to new levels, with each show they play gaining fans at an exponential rate––not to mention taking over memory space on iPod's and MP3 players left and right. The buzz was loud enough to catch the attention of Equal Vision Records.

Sky Eats Airplane explore the boundaries of a genre–on–the–rise, "hard–tronica", combining a Mac–supported electronica background, alternative metal riffs, and accompanying guttural screams, resulting in what is sure to be one of the most eclectic live performances you can hope to witness. SEA marries bombastic, jagged edged rock with cutting edge electronica beats and the result is freakin' cool. This is not a generic product you will be able to find at the local super–market; the band has kicked down the walls of conventional music and is plowing the field to create the foundation of a new genre that will surely be emulated by the next generation of forward thinking bands.