Every few years a band comes along and changes the foundation of music, creating a new breed of rock and roll. Sound&Shape, an aggressive Nashville–based power trio, is being recognized as one of those bands. With their "in your face" style methods, Sound&Shape is often described as one of the most innovative bands to emerge within the last decade. On their debut release, "Where Machines End Their Lives," you can clearly hear and feel the emotional energy that bonds the band together.

Sound&Shape consists of Ryan Caudle on Guitar/Vocals, Dave Somerall on Bass, and Jerry Pentecost on Percussion. Since forming in 2005, Sound&Shape has created a powerful buzz all over the states with a live show that is indescribable, leaving audiences stunned and craving more. Unlike most of their contemporaries, their music unites elevated musicianship with fierce energy and passion, creating a unique and instantly recognizable sound. The bands main strength lies in the diversity of the group. Raised on music ranging from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to Al Green and Marvin Gaye, music provided a sense of belonging for all three. "Music was our only outlet of emotional expression."

Being a rock and roll band from Nashville raises high expectations. "We hope to help Nashville break free of the country music stereotype." Nowadays, the music is not enough. To be recognized as a serious and respected artist one must be very dedicated. Sound&Shape continues to exceed expectations by constantly touring and honing their sound. Sound&Shape performed over 220 shows in 2006 in support of their debut record, "Where Machines End Their Lives." This album was recorded in Paramus, NJ with Jayson Dezuzio (Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, etc) and released on Smith7 Records in January 06'.

With the completion of their second offering "The Love Electric" EP, Sound&Shape have found a new home for this upcoming release and are hitting the road hard, touching every soul in sight. "The Love Electric" is a thought provoking movement filled with rhythmic power and melodic innovation which includes special appearances by Saxophonist Jim Horn (The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, etc), Keyboardist Shane Keister (Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, etc) and more. Expect big things from Sound&Shape as they continue to raise the bar for the new rock generation!