Formed in 2003, with Torsten on vocals, Benni on guitar and vocals, Nils on bass and Fab on drums, it's until 2004 that the band record their demo tape titled “A.C.A.B. Demo Tape”. After some shows, the vocalist Wolfgang Wendland from the band Die Kassierer helped the band by pressing their debut 7” Stand Up and Fight, from this point, the band started to create themselves a name and a reputation, playing shows on Europe and having a second pressing of the debut EP. On April 2005, Flo is added as a second guitarist, some shows are booked plus participations on the Punk And Disorderly Festival and Endless Summer Festival. 2006 sees the release of the Self Titled EP on FNS Records form Boston on January, also the band tour on Brandenburg, Mecklemburg–Vorpommern, Saarland, Bayern, Berlin and Austria with bands such as Lower Class Brats, Defiance, Pestpocken, Emscherkurve 77, Hellratz, Action, Xcrosscheckx, Damage Case, Krum Bums, Abrasive Wheels, Mouth Sewn Shut among others. On June, DSKlation, the band's first LP is released through Punk Core Records, on September, the album is released on AMP Records, label managed by Benni and Nils,[1] the picture disc LP features the original eleven tracks plus 4 live. In September Flo left the band.

They have been mistaken as a Neo Nazi group as the name has the "SS" as in the Nazi SS. Originally, the band name was "Es Eskaliert" which means “it escalates”, the band decided to replace it with the actual SS–Kaliert name because it was more eye–attractive as a logo.[1]