From the ashes of such pivotal and revolutionary Arizona locals as A Case of the Mondays, Wheres Edward–, Aces High, Dora Maar, and Feeding Franky comes Streetside Prophet, a band the likes of which Arizona has never seen before. Combining elements of East Bay and Midwestern punk, Streetside Prophet has an amazingly unoriginal sound, and none of them will deny it. Formed in December, 2004, the band has already shared the stage with some amazing bands, such as The Lawrence Arms, The Draft, J Church, The Queers, The Phenomonauts, Against All Authority, Crime in Stereo, O, Pioneers!!!, Shinobu, Set Your Goals, and Glass and Ashes. To date, the band has been quite prolific, recording an EP (that was never technically released), dozens of home demos, and most of the drum tracks to a full–length CD (which was never completed). Most recently, the band has seen the release of the Talking to Walls EP on their new home, Formula 13 Records. Currently, the band is working on a full–length tentatively titled For All Intents and Porpoises and set for an early 2007 release (hopefully).