In 1999, the majority of the_Network's members were split up between two bands, Fault (Lifeforce Records) and Ookla the Mok (Life Sentence Records). It was at this time that both bands deflated and disbanded. All the_Network. members had been great friends long before 1999 and continued to jam off and on for about two and a half years with no real musical or ideological direction. They were just friends doing what friends do. Some members were finishing up college, some were working, and some were doing both. The music they were playing together didn't make much sense, but filled everyone involved with a sense of foreshadowing, as if this constant musical experimenting would eventually render a worthwhile result.

"We cannot be silent. We cannot be passive. We will not be ignorant."

"Chaotic. Heavy. Honest."

Like most life experiences, the_Network. is a learning tool, a means of expressing thoughts and ideas, it is the hand that shapes its members and the mouth that screams at its listeners. the_Network. is also merely a band from NH, a group of five average people searching for meaning in a confusing world. They're five people that believe that life can be better. They also understand that no matter how small an effort is, it is an effort nonetheless, and that all of us average people should make one.

Then, on September 11, 2001, the consequences of U.S. foreign policies were made abundantly clear to all of us, the_Network. included. The realization that they could no longer ignore the world around them ignited a fervent questioning in each member. They began to seriously explore all of humanity's roles in society and the world as a whole. The concepts of work, school, love, hate, fear, happiness, media, reward, revenge, learning, living, and understanding took on real meaning and flooded each member's mind. An ideology began to take shape.

And on the eve of 2002, the members of the_Network. drove down to CBGB's in New York City to see one of their old favorite bands, Bloodlet. Bloodlet was kicking off a reunion tour with Every Time I Die. Having not attended a hardcore/metal show in almost 2 years, the members had no idea what their reactions would be. They drank Heinekens during the 4 or 5 opening bands with little excitement. Then, Every Time I Die went on. The energy and creativity with which they played reminded the members of their old influences Deadguy, Coalesce, Turmoil, Refused, and Bloodlet. Every Time I Die's performance showed the_Network. members that chaotic, heavy music can still be played well. Then, Bloodlet took the stage. Their dark, foreboding, and extremely heavy set took the members right back to their glory days, reminding each of them what it was like to be a young fan excited to see their favorite band. A musical direction began to take shape.

the_Network members drove back to NH and immediately began writing new, focused material. Drawing on their earlier influences, heavy, chaotic songs began to effortlessly pour out of them. It was during this time that they decided that the band name, "the_Network," would be an accurate description of the medium they would use to express themselves. Six months later, in September 2002, they went to record at Deadair Studios with Will Killingsworth. In 12 hours, they recorded and mixed 5 songs that would later be released by Out of Limits Records as a vinyl 7".For the next few years, the_Network. performed around New England and did a few mini–tours with the likes of Cannae, Psyopus, and Umbrella while finishing up college and working jobs flexible enough for them to continue writing, recording, and performing music. In 2005, with the addition of Nate Johnson (Deadwater Drowning, Premonitions of War) on bass, their lineup became solidified. And now, in 2006, they've teamed up with Black Market Activities for the January 2007 release of their first full–length album entitled, "This is Your Pig's Portrait."

With their ideological and musical direction firmly established, the_Network. is now poised to write, record, and perform brutally honest and unquestionably heavy music for as long as possible.

One last thing to add, there are a couple of other bands called the network, we know ...