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The Cherry Poppin' Daddies are an American multi–genre rock band formed in 1988[1] in Eugene, Oregon by Steve Perry (lead vocals/guitar). While the band has gone through numerous personnel changes, only Perry, Dan Schmid (bass) and Dana Heitman (trumpet) remain from the original incarnation, with Perry and Heitman being the only two constant members throughout the band's twenty year history.

Conceived as a counter against the rising grunge movement of the Northwest, the Daddies played an unconventional lyric–driven mixture of punk rock, funk, ska and swing music, among other styles, attracting a local cult following for their wild and frequently controversial performance art–like live shows. The band spent most of the 1990s touring extensively and recording, with their self–produced, ska–influenced third album, 1996's Kids on the Street, earning distribution by Caroline Records and appearing on Rolling Stone's Alternative Charts.

The Daddies found international commercial success in the late 1990s as part of the swing revival movement, namely for their 1997 hit single "Zoot Suit Riot" and their major–label compilation album of the same name. Despite prominent media coverage and the double–platinum status of their record, by 2000, the Daddies' mainstream popularity had declined with that of neo–swing. Following a short hiatus, the band regrouped in 2002 to continue touring and recording, independently releasing their fifth and most recent studio album, Susquehanna, in early 2008.