The Downtown Struts
The DOWNTOWN STRUTS were formed in 2008 in Chicago with two members hailing from Northern California and two from the Midwest. Setting out to create honest music stemming from punk and Americana influences, the songs are passionate and melodic at heart but delivered with drive and aggres– sion. Get them talking about influences, and theirs fit their style perfectly. With heroes like THE CLASH, RANCID, SOCIAL DISTORTION, TOM PETTY, and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, it’s no wonder they pull out these kind of performances and this level of solid songwriting.

Through brief stints in Arizona and San Francisco, recording demos, and playing shows, the band defined their sound and returned to their hometown of Chicago. Sail The Seas Dry is truly a five–song chronicle of their experiences with luck, love, and life on the road. Much of 2011 was spent touring and writing the band’s upcoming debut full–length for release in Spring 2012 on Pirates Press Records.