Ever since 2002, Ajax, Ontario's "ska–punk gangstas" THE JOHNSTONES have been tearing up stages, pissing off parents and making guys wonder where their girlfriends are. They’re rapidly becoming one of the hottest live acts in Canada playing sold out shows across the country, stunning crowds with their undeniably entertaining performances, showcasing their frenetic energy and controversial lifestyle choices. Unpredictable, unhinged and unforgiving, you never know whether THE JOHNSTONES will hit the stage dressed as construction workers… gym teachers… women… ghosts… or simply NOT DRESSED AT ALL!!

Inevitably THE JOHNSTONES’ pressing desire for havoc has landed them in all sorts of hot water. They’ve all spent a healthy amount of time locked up in local jails and drunktanks and have spent more than their fair share of time getting patched up in hospitals across the country. With the release or their debut full–length WORD IS BOND (STOMP Records 2006) it became apparent that, despite jailtime and hospital visits, THE JOHNSTONES are an unstoppable force that is only getting stronger.