The Mongoloids
New Jersey's The Mongoloids push against the confines of the hardcore genre with raw energy, a taste for primal grooves, and a palpable sense of humor. Formed in summer of 2005 they have been a force to reckon with touring non stop since the release of their debut LP TimeTrials in November 2007. The first pressing of Time Trials sold so quickly likely due to the amount of touring the band was doing Eulogy Recordings in the summer of 2008 decided to rerelease the album adding two bonus tracks. Following this release The Mongoloids then released in January 2009 a new EP /12" entitled Assorted Music. They were also marked as one of A.P. magazines 100 Bands You Need To Know in 2009 as well as being featured on myspace music for bands people need to check out. Setting out to represent New Jersey Straight Edge they have gone far beyond what they had ever expected possible. The Mongoloids have toured alongside such great bands as Agnostic Front, Cro–Mags, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, and so many others. In this day and age when it is hard to keep up with the changing of the times The Mongoloids do an excellent job maintaining what they stand for yet continuing to write and release unique yet quality music. With Belgium based record label

Reality Records along with Six Feet Under Records on their side The Mongoloids have just released their brand new 7" / EP entitled New Beginnings.