Hailing from the greater New York City Metropolitan area, this quintet has earned its moniker by way of the group's fervor and tendency to continuously "smash" through genre definition. This, combined with raw and relentless electricity, is revealed in their exuberant live performance. No strangers to adversity and perseverance, The SmashUp continue to evolve and transform, adhering to the DIY principals which the group was founded upon. Surviving lineup transitions, vehicular destruction and wildlife encounters gone astray, The SmashUp shows no signs of slowing down; In fact, their devotion and drive has only grown exponentially. After having toured the US, UK and Canada many times over with Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos and even having been handpicked by Dave Mustaine for Gigantour, The SmashUp are prepped for domination, with their greatest accomplishments still ahead of them. The group is currently holed up in VuDu Studios working with production/mix team of Mike Watts and Rich Liegey (Hopesfall, As Tall as Lions) on what will be the anticipated followup to "Being and Becoming," released in '06 on Bob Chiappardi and Kevin Lyman's Warcon Records.