Moving to a new city is never easy, and for Boston's Tides, the process has taken over 3 years. Born and raised in the upstate New York town of Plattsburgh, Donny Green, August Issacson and Rob Dowler have been playing in bands together since they first picked up instruments. Four years ago Green moved to Boston to attend college and the other two members of the band have been slowly following suit. This summer will mark the first time all three have lived in the same place since high school, and our city doesn't yet realize how lucky it is.

The band has been playing under this name for five years and the members have developed a brotherly relationship. Their playing has always been astoundingly fluid in a way that can't be forced and has obviously matured over time. In the live setting the songs ocationally meander beyond their recorded boundaries and it seems like the players will musically finish each others sentences.

2005 marked the release of Tides' debut album, Resurface, which has since received critical acclaim as a monument to the possibilities of post–metal. Six epic, instrumental masterpieces flow together with an ease that only old friends could conjure. The songs range from ethereal and emotional to thunderous and destructive and the album as a whole has been hailed as one of the best in the genre.

In 2006 Tides will bring a new CD EP to the world and debut a new member, Tim Fickeisen. From Silence, a three song, twenty minute journey pushes the band forward while keeping with themes from its past. While Resurface often feels airy and spacious, the new disk bears a thicker and warmer sound. The drumming is much more excited and urgent, while the riffs are darker and brooding. Fickeisen, a second guitar player, was sought out to help re–create the tracks live. Many sections of the new material feature multi–layered guitars and effects which can only now be performed outside of the studio.

With the line up completed and the new disk on the way, Tides is preparing for the long road ahead. The band will be touring the states for two months this summer in support of From Silence before they return to their new home of New England.