Swedens TRAPDOOR FUCKING EXIT return from the studio triumphant with Crooked Life / Straight World, their third full–length album! Recording duties were once again expertly handled by Carl Vikman, who brings many of TFEs fine details directly to the surface, while still allowing the ghosts and live room–atmosphere to filter through. To say that this is TFEs finest moment is an understatement. Their songs are journeys unto themselves, filled with unexpected twists and turns, creative shifts, and exploratory melodic guitar passages... all backed up with intensely creative percussion that avoids showboating in favor of locking tight with the guitars. Top this off with Henkes distinctive voice, which often acts as a member of the rhythm section as well as taking the forefront. Throughout it all, TFE maintains the most unique and courageous musical vision. While some will cite influences as diverse as STOOGES, BLACK FLAG, and DRIVE LIKE JEHU, others will find touches of psychedelia and neo–prog rock. For those who dig even deeper still, every listen will reveal new discoveries. This is a wild ride, one devoid of pretension, yet firmly committed to art, all the while demanding a hungry ear.