Vanilla Sky, one of Rome, Italy’s most proven pop/punk quartets since 2002, is set to release its third full–length albu m, “Fragile.” The new record once again features the bi–lingual talent of the band with songs written in both Italian an d English. Demonstrating a greater emotional maturity this time around, the band aims to surpass the success of its 2007 release, “Changes,” which sold over 40,000 units world–wide and landed the cover of Rocksound magazine. “Fragile” conti nues in the tradition of Vanilla Sky’s dual front–man arrangement of both Danielle Brian Autore and Vincenzo Mario Chris ti sharing lead vocals and guitar.

With two new members, Antonio Filippelli on bass guitar and Jacopo Volpe on drums, introduced to the project in 2009, th e new album reflects the dynamic transition and emotional growth of the band. “Fragile relates to our generation, a gene ration born under the shadow of a digital religion. For us, this is a more introspective record that symbolizes all of t he difficult moments people our age face as we traverse through an ever changing society filled with fading values,” say s Cristi Vanilla Sky looks to repeat success of covering a Billboard Top 100 song with a rock version of Lady Gaga’s “Ju st Dance.” The official music video, which spans the Atlantic Ocean having been filmed in both Rome and New York City, c ontinues to gain popularity among viewers on The album’s latest single, “Vivere Diversi” is the Italian ver sion of the English recording, “On Fire.” The music video picks up where the “Just Dance” installment left off, transiti oning into imagery from around the Eternal City to symbolize the darkened emotions heard on Fragile, and concludes in th e scene illustrated on the cover of the album.

Fragile was written and recorded between the Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009 and features the work of American producer, Jamie Woolford (The Stereo, The AKAs, Lydia, and The Format) and Big Bass Brian who mastered “Changes.” Since forming i n 2002, Vanilla Sky has completed numerous European tours, and performed at many of the prominent music festivals across the EU including: Frequency Festival, Nova Rock, and the Heineken Jammin Festival. The band has also had the pleasure o f sharing the stage with artists such as +44, Yellowcard, The Ataris, Bowling For Soup, Further Seems Forever, Maxeen, T he Offspring and many more. Fragile is Vanilla Sky’s second release with Universal (Italy). Its first release, Changes, features a chart toping cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and a collaboration with Mark Hoppus (Blink 182 and +44) on the tr ack “Nightmare.” The first single, “Break It Out” would eventually appear on international television and become part of the videogame, Guitar Hero: World Tour. Other releases by Vanilla Sky include: a self–produced EP “Play It If You Can’t Say It” (2002), followed by “Too Loud For You” (2003 EP, Wynona Records), “The Rest Is History” (2003 EP, Wynona Record s), and Waiting For Something (2003 LP, Wynona Records).