Worn in Red
There’s a certain point in your 20's where you either give in and start working for that American dream of suburban retirement, or you double down on your own path and figure out what drives you. The four members of Worn In Red all hit that crossroads awhile ago, and clearly decided to work toward their own definitions of happiness. For them, writing interesting, evocative songs – and lighting a room on fire when those songs are played – is a crucial part of feeling alive. It makes the frustrations of this world more bearable. And when you do it with some of your best friends, it can be more fun than anything you ever imagined.

Worn In Red have addressed these themes in their music over the years. The pummeling catharsis of 2009’s In The Offing (No Idea) reflected the fading hope that punk rock might still have a role to play in the brighter tomorrows being promised at the time. But with 2012’s Banshees (No Idea), Worn In Red eschew reliance on such grand abstract notions, and instead celebrate reliance on each other. Banshees extolls the people in our lives who help us remain true to our own paths no matter how difficult it gets. It also excoriates the institutions that make this quest for authenticity so difficult in the first place. The sound of Banshees mirrors this mix of optimism and struggle, with potent melodies that are both unconventionally memorable and gloriously frenetic. Combined with a locked–on rhythm section and vocals that could inspire a cavalry charge, the cohesive set of bangers Worn In Red offers on this latest release shows a band in its prime, ready to inspire a legion of people to follow their hearts.